Nearly everyone experiences a diminished sexual response from time to time, due to such routine difficulties as fatigue, stress, or acute illness. For some people, however, this becomes a chronic problem.

There are many causes of sexual dysfunction: poor nutrition, stress, exposure to toxic substances, drugs and alcohol, circulatory problems, medications, lack of exercise and chronic disease.

One of the sexual problems that affects men is impotence. It is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection. Medical problems such as diabetes, Parkinson's disease, liver or kidney disease, and lower back pain have been linked to impotence. Other causes are medications, including prescription drugs (especially those for hypertension) and some antihistamines and decongestants, which may cause temporary impotence. Smoking, drug abuse and excessive alcohol consumption can also cause impotence.

When a man who experiences impotence awakes at night or in the morning with a full, firm erection, the cause of the impotence is most likely psychological.

For women, frigidity is the label used for a wide range of sexual dysfunctions. True frigidity, a lifelong inability to become excited, may be the result of sexual repression, anxiety, or guilt, and can often be treated by hypnotherapy or psychotherapy. As with male impotence, however, frigidity may have organic causes that can be treated with herbs.

Viagra (sildenafil citrate) has received a lot of media attention recently, without any reference to its side effects. After absorption into the bloodstream, it functions as an inhibitor to an enzyme called phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) which is found primarily in the penis. The enzyme, PDE5 breaks down cyclic GMP. Cyclic GMP is produced during sexual stimulation, leading to penis erection. The longer the cyclic GMP is allowed to persist, the greater the chance for increased blood flow to the penis, thereby generating an erection for four hours.

Side effects experienced by some people are headaches, nausea, facial flushing, diarrhea, urinary tract infection and visual changes to color sensitivity. Recently, it has been reported that 16 Viagra patients have died. We should all be concerned since little is known about Viagra's long term effects.

How does viagra compare with VITALITY-A and VITALITY-B. Viagra inhibits a specific enzyme for a specific time period, after which the person becomes impotent again. It does not lead to a cure. The phytochemicals of the herbs in VITALITY-A and VITALITY-B cure impotency by stimulating the body's repair mechanism and providing essential materials that the body needs.

FRIEDLI ENTERPRISES produces a medication called VITALITY-A to improve the sexual health of both males and females. The ingredients are all natural, safe and without side effects. VITALITY-B is formulated for people with a history of hypertension. Panax ginseng in VITALITY-A has been replaced with Tilia spp. in VITALITY-B.


Turnera diffusa Panax ginseng Smilax species
Serenoa serrulata Schisandra chinensis Withania somnifera


Turnera diffusa Tilia species Smilax species
Serenoa serrulata Schisandra chinensis Withania somnifera

Turnera diffusa (Damiana)

Damiana is a tonic, stimulant, mild laxative, diuretic, antidepressant, aphrodisiac and antiseptic.The tonic action makes it an excellent remedy for physical weakness and nervous exhaustion. It restores normal function to the reproductive organs of both sexes which makes it beneficial for both men and women. Damiana is specifically for headaches connected with menstruation. Its diuretic and antiseptic properties make it ideal for urinary infections such as cystitis and urethritis. Chronic constipation due to lack of bowel tone is treated with damiana.

Panax ginseng

Ginseng is adaptogenic (helps the body adapt to stressors) and can act as a tonic or a sedative depending on the physiological state of the body. It produces a sedative effect if the body requires sleep and a tonic effect for both athletes and those weakened by illness or old age. It is also an aphrodisiac but should not be taken continuous for more than six weeks. High doses can cause insomnia and high blood pressure. Do not take when pregnant.

Smilax species (Sarsaparilla)

Sarsaparilla has both testosterogenic and progesterogenic actions, making it a useful remedy for impotence and premenstrual problems. It is anti-inflammatory and can be used to treat arthritis and gout. It also brings relief to skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and itchiness.

Serenoa serrulata (Saw Palmetto)

Saw palmetto is used to treat enlarged prostate gland, impotence, reduced or absent sex drive, testicular atrophy in men and to stimulate breast enlargement in women. It also strengthens and builds body tissues.

Schisandra chinensis

Schisandra is a sexual tonic for both men and women. It increases the secretions of sexual fluids and improves sexual stamina. It has adaptogenic properties, helping the body adapt to stress. Schisandra helps improve irritability, mental clarity, concentration, forgetfulness and coordination.

Withania somnifera

Withania improves sexual performance. The alkaloids reduce blood pressure and lower heart rate. Withanolides inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Tilia species (Linden)

Linden is an excellent remedy for stress and panic, and is used specifically to treat nervous palpitations.The flowers are taken to reduce blood pressure, particularly when emotional factors are involved. It is also taken to reduce tensions and nervous headaches.

Georges-Louis Friedli, PgDip, MSc, PhD.

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