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Although we came into this world under very difficult health conditions, we can now say, THANK GOD we are healthy and happy. We drink herb teas all the time and this has kept us in good shape. Click on the banner if you want to have a good look at us. We are TWIN super models for FRIEDLI ENTERPRISES and model ONLY things we believe in.

Louis: Georges is the bigger one. He is one minute older than me. So should I call him big brother? I think I will just call him brother.

Georges: Remember! I am also heavier.

Louis: So are you saying, if I go to the gym and lift weights, I will become your elder brother?

Georges: Remember! I started walking first.

Louis: Oh! so what does it make me, when I was the first to solve the shapes puzzle?

Georges: Well call me whatever name you want.

Louis: Please don't call me LITTLE brother. Just call me brother. But why does mama call me PEANUTS?

Georges: Because you are small. Use your brains brother.

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