Herbal Blessings is a Holistic Practice dedicated to providing you with access to information and advice on the use of herbs.

Our body was created with an immense potential to heal itself. We need to learn to work with our body and not against it.

In order for the body to be healthy, there should be a balance between the body's healing system and outside environmental stressors. From time to time the body is overwhelmed with these outside stressors. When the body is unable to cope, various mechanisms come into play to inform us that something is wrong. We can either work with the body's healing system by using nutrition, exercise and relaxation or work against it by suppressing the symptoms with pain killers and other medications. Sometimes the body is abused for so long that drastic measures like surgery and medications are necessary.

Herbal Blessings supplies the phytochemicals that the healing system needs to heal the body. These phytochemicals are secondary metabolites from plants. We market these phytochemicals as herbal fluid extracts, herbal teas, tablets and capsules. Our herbs are organic and of a high quality.

Our site has tutorials on phytochemistry (plant chemistry), function of some herbs and benefits derived from their use.

For patients who need treatment, they should make an appointment to see Dr. Georges-Louis Friedli. The treatment provided can be a combination of alternative therapies depending on the diagnosis. Sometimes herbal medicine is combined with relaxation techniques for cases where stress is a major factor.

We also use Yoga therapy, Homeopathy, Electro-acupuncture, Bach Flower Remedies, Acupressure and Nutrition. For more informationGO TO

Georges and Louis, the identical twins who love herbal teas

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