Gentian consists of the dried rhizomes and roots of Gentiana lutea L.
(Family: Gentianaceae)

ACTION: Bitter. Digestive stimulant. Eases stomach pain.

INDICATION: Anorexia. Atonic dyspepsia. Gastro-intestinal atony. It is very useful in some malnourished individuals, especially the elderly.

COMBINATIONS: Combines with lemon and ginger.

Preparation & Dosage: Gentian is best consumed in the form of a decoction (boiling 1 teaspoonful of powdered root in a covered container of about 2 pints of water for about 20 minutes).
Tincture - 1:5 in 45% alcohol. Dose: Take 2-5 drops with water before meals.

KEY CONSTITUENTS: Glycosides (gentiopicroside and amarogentin are primarily responsible for its bitter taste). Alkaloids. Flavonoids. Terpenes. Minerals. Vitamins.

CONSTITUENTS:1,3,7-trimethoxyxanthone; 1-hydroxy-3,7-dimethoxyxanthone;1-o-primverosyl-7-oxy-3-methoxyxanthone; 2,3',4,6-tetrahydroxybenzophenone;7-o-primverosyl-1-oxy-3-methoxyxanthone; alpha-terpineol; aluminum (291 ppm);amarogentin (500-1200 ppm); ascorbic-acid (183 ppm); caffeic-acid;calcium (8140 ppm); carvacrol; chromium (13 ppm); cis-linalyl-oxide; cobalt (14 ppm); gentialutine; gentiamarin; gentianine (6000-8000 ppm); gentianose; gentiin; gentiobiose; gentiodise; gentioflavoside; gentiopicrin (11400-35000 ppm); gentioside; gentisein; gentisic-acid; gentisin; inulin; iron (370 ppm); isogentisin; limonene; linalol; magnesium (2740 ppm); manganese (23 ppm); mangiferin; niacin; nicotinic-acid; nicotinic-acid-amide; oxycinnamic-acid; pectin; phosphorus (2700 ppm); potassium (8770 ppm); protein (138000 ppm); protocatechuic-acid; riboflavin (2.1 ppm); saccharose; selenium; sinapic-acid; sodium (41 ppm); sucrose; swertiamarin; syringic-acid; thiamin (48 ppm); tin (40 ppm); zinc (29 ppm).
ppm = parts per million.

Georges-Louis Friedli, PgDip., MSc, PhD.