Some Patient Treatment Results

The treatment used were:

Patient 1.

The patient had a history of hypertension and had been on diuretics. When he came to me, he had frequent micturition (every three minutes), dry lips, sweet taste, blurry vision, confusion, headaches and lack of energy. There was a family history of diabetes (mother and two of his sisters). His blood sugar was 520 mg/dl.

He started treatment immediately, using herbs, diet and exercise.


DATEBLOOD SUGAR conc.(mg/dl)

His blood sugar has been normal since then. He is off all herbal supplements. This patient has never used pharmaceutical prescribed diabetic medication. One week after he started herbal treatment, there was a reduction in his symptoms which vanished after the first month of treatment.
Dr. J.B. Maryland

Patient 2.

This patient had a history of diabetes. He was diagnosed with diabetes three months prior to herbal treatment. He was on diabinese. He was weak most of the time, had frequent heartburns and periodic numbness of his lower extremeties. Diabinese controlled his blood sugar for sometime and then it got out of control. His blood sugar concentration at the beginning of treatment was 350mg/dl.

He started treatment immediately, using herbs, diet and exercise.


DATEBLOOD SUGAR conc.(mg/dl)

His blood sugar has been normal since then. He is off all herbal supplements.
Mr V.B. Maryland

Patient 3.

This patient had a history of diabetes. She was diagnosed with diabetes four years prior to herbal treatment. She was taking amaryl, glucovance and zocor. She also had a history of anxiety and hot flashes.

Her blood sugar at the start of treatment was 203mg/dl.

After a session of hypnotherapy, her blood sugar dropped to 122mg/dl. Complemented with herbal treatment, allowed her blood sugar concentration to remain normal. Once in a while her blood sugar concentration gets to an abnormal level when she becomes anxious.
Ms D.T. New York

Patient 4.

A 32 year old man who was diagnosed with HIV in 1994. I met this patient in 1999 in North Carolina. He was prone to infections and had lumps all over his body. His skin was scaly and dry. He was weak and depressed. He has been on various cocktails of AIDS medications.



At this point he stopped Herbal Treatment but continued with his prescription medications: Viramune, Zerit, Epivir, Hydroxyurea and Zaigen.

"When I started taking the herbs from Dr. Friedli, the spots on my face cleared, the lumps vanished and I had more energy. My CD4 count went up and my viral load started falling".
Mr J.L. North Carolina

Patient 5.

"I had a nervous stomach and was diagnosed with peptic ulcer. There were a lot of foods I could not eat. I was treated by Dr. Friedli. Today, I am able to eat many of the foods I was unable to eat without getting gastritis, stomach pain and heartburn. Also, every year during the winter, I always get infected with the flu virus. After herbal treatment, for the first time in my lfe, I did not suffer from cold and flu even when it became epidemic."
Ms C.S. North Carolina

Patient 6.

"I have always experienced irregular menstrual cycle, heavy bleeding and a lot of pain during my menstrual cycle. I was treated by Dr. Friedli and had amazing results. I do not have pain during my periods anymore and have stopped talking all the old pain medications. My period is now regular and the bleeding is also normal. If I only knew, I won't be in pain all these years."
Ms P.O. North Carolina

Patient 7.

"This patient had a history of alcohol abuse. He also had Hepatitis C and Diabetes. After six months of treatment, his blood hepatitis C virus was NEGATIVE and his blood sugar concentration and HA1c were normal.
Mr D.A. Maryland

Patient 8.

"I have been sick for years. The Doctors said I had a weak immune system. Some of the medications made me sick and weak. As I grow older, it worsened to the extent that I feel nauseated all the time which was worse during and after my periods. After using Dr. Friedli's herbs, I could feel a difference. I no longer have to use medications as I've had to in the past. I don't feel nauseated anymore."
Ms M.M. North Carolina

Patient 9.

Miss M.V. had back pain for 15 years which prevented her from sleeping at night. She also had a history of endometriosis. After a few sessions of hypnotherapy and herbal treatment, she has been without pain for the past six months. The endometriosis is also in remission.
Miss M.V. Maryland

Patient 10.

This patient was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis in 1999. She had bladder indfection all through her adult life. After three months og herbal treatment, she stopped having any recurrence of cystitis and all associated symptoms.
Mrs D.T. Maryland

Patient 11.

This patient was diagnosed with uninodular goiter. A biopsy of the thyroid showed benign hyperplasia and cystic degeneration. His body weight increased from 185 to 210 lbs. He sweats all the time, with frequent bowel movement and diarrhea. He also had hypertension and edema of the lower extremeties.
After six months of herbal treatment, his blood pressure became normal, there was a reduction in the edema and sweating. Another biopsy showed a normal thyroid with no hyperplasia.
Mr K.T. Maryland

Patient 12.

Patient was born with one kidney. Was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in 1996. Has hypertension, frequent headaches and heavy bleeding during periods.
After three months of herbal treatment, she has complete relief from Carpal Tunnel syndrome, headaches and her menstrual period has improved.
Miss J.B. Maryland

Patient 13.

The patient was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis in 1984. He has incontinence, pain in the rectum and penis. He was told, he has to live with the condition for the rest of his life. After six months of herbal treatmen, there was a reduction in his frequency of urination. The pain in his rectum and penis have also diminished.
Mr C.C. Maryland

Patient 14.

"Your male virility capsules helps me perform sexually better as comparable to when I was younger."
Mr K.E. Virginia

Patient 15.

"I could not keep up sexually with my younger girl friend. After being on your male virility program for six months, she has started complaining that I am too active sexually". Thanks for giving me back my manhood".
Mr P.H. Maryland

Patient 16.

"Thanks Dr. Friedli, my husband can now perform better."
Mrs M.S. Maryland

Patient 17.

"My fiance can now finish a round without going limp. Thanks, the nightmare is over."
Ms F.F. Switzerland

Patient 18.

A patient with a history of asthma. She was on albuterol and pregnosone. She lost so much weight that she was becoming anorexic. After treatment for three months, she was asthma free and regained some weight. "Dr Friedli, I have gained some weight and I am pretty like a model. I have also stopped taking albuterol and pregnosone because I do not need to."
Miss S.A.V. Guyana, South America.

Patient 19.

"I received the latest shipment of medicine. Thank you. I had my dilated eye exam on Tuesday. The doctor saw two small hemorrhages at my last exam about 1-1/2 years a ago. She could only find a very small one this time and she said she really had to look for it. She said she would not have seen it if I didn't have the past history for her to look. The doctor was very pleased.
Thank you for this."
Mr J.F. Delaware

Patient 20.

This patient used to be a FIFA referee. He had to stop due to a painful knee. Three months of treatment and the pain was gone.
Mr C.D. New York

Patient 21.

A patient with gangrene on left big toe who was also waiting for amputation. Wound healed after three weeks of herbal treatment.
Superintendent E.J. Guyana, South America

Patient 22.

A patient with gangrene on the plantar surface of his right foot who was also waiting for his leg to be amputated. He could not put on shoes or drive a car. After herbal treatment for three weeks, the wound healed and he could put on shoes and drive.
Mr C.M. Maryland

Patient 23.

This patient had lung, brain and liver cancers. She has had lung and brain surgeries and radiation. She was on chemotherapy when she came to me. She could not walk nor eat. She was also in pain. The cancer marker count was 1100,000.

After a hypnotherapy session, all the pain vanished and she started walking. She was pain free for three days. She also started eating. After three months of herbal and hypnotherapy treatments, the cancer marker count dropped to 200. The count dropped further to 50 and then 20 and 13 month after month. At this point she decided to stop herbal and hypnotherapy treatments and continue with only chemotherapy.

After two months, the cancer marker count increased to 500. She was admitted to hospital for a week on an intense chemotherapy treatment. After the treatment, the cancer marker count increased further to 1300.

At this point she called me and asked if she can start treatment. After two days of continuous treatment in my office, the cancer marker count dropped to 500.

Patient 24.

"I was diagnosed with fibroids and my doctor suggested hysterectomy. I will like to get pregnant and have children and so started looking for other options. Two of my dearest friends recommended Dr. Friedli.

From the moment I finalized my plan to start a 3 day intensive treatment program with Dr. Friedli, I could feel that the healing process had begun. The healing energy was being transmitted to me long distance. I could feel it. Why did I say, I could feel it? I am a medium and could sense subtle energies.

During my three day intensive treatment program and from my first contact with him on the phone, Dr. Friedli, asked direct and pertinent questions and quietly listened keenly to all my ailments. I got the distinct impression that he was not just listening with his ears, but he was also listening to what my body was communicating to him about my condition. I also felt uninhibited to bear to him all my burdens that could have been the originator of my physical illness.

The healing took place not only at a physical level but also at emotional, spiritual and mental levels. I have never felt such a change in my health before.

I felt that Dr. Friedli is the father that everyone dreams about. He is knowledgeable, wise, loving and kind. Dr. Friedli, addressed most of my concerns and instantaneously I was able to feel my level energy, courage, boldness, clarity and confidence increase within me.

In one of the hypnotherapy sessions he directed me to communicate with specific organs in my body. I was able to get answers to the cause of my health problems and that was amazing. I feel renewed and revitalized. Finally, Dr. Friedli also employs a spiritual healing technique that I can only describe as a divine gift and one which is sacred. You just have to feel it to believe it.
Miss D.R. Maryland.

Patient 25.

I had total hysterectomy with all my reproductive organs removed (uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries). This forced me into surgical menopause. I had a lot of problems after that procedure - anxiety, hypertension, dizziness, weakness, hair loss, joint pains, menopausal symptoms with intense hot flashes, high cholesterol and depression.

I approached Dr. Friedli for help. The first week I started treatment, I felt an intense sharp pain which lasted for several hours. I called Dr. Friedli and asked if it was the herbs causing this pain. He said the herbs he prescribed for me do not have side effects but to be on the safe side I should stop taking them to see if the pain will stop. I stopped taking the herbs but the pain got worse so he advised me to see my physician and ask for laboratory tests.

An ultrasound detected gallstones. I was scheduled for surgery to remove my gallbladder. I got so depressed because I felt I was loosing my body parts. Very soon I will become a body without organs. I called Dr. Friedli and asked if he has any suggestions. He asked me to try one of his protocols for gallstones. The treatment will last for a week and if after that week, I still feel pain and the stones are there, I can go ahead with the surgery. Immediately I started the herbal treatment, the pain vanished. It is about a year now and I have my gallbladder, no pain and no gallstones.
Ms. C.L. New York.

Georges-Louis Friedli, PgDip., MSc., CHt., RH., PhD.

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